An invitation to innovate flexible packaging

Sappi introduces Algro Guard OHG, a new high-barrier paper-based packaging solution. With integrated barriers and heat sealing properties the paper is suitable for flexible packaging applications. According to its first user, Belgian chocolate producer Delafaille, this new innovative paper is the perfect solution for packaging designers and producers, sure to add pleasure to the consumer experience.

Algro Guard OHG provides integrated barriers that prevents the migration of oxygen and water vapor into packaged products, makes packaging production simpler and more efficient. Thanks to this innovative integrated barrier, there is no longer a need to apply special coatings or lamination to obtain a flexible paper-based packaging. With the grease and mineral oil barrier this innovative paper meets the market demand for alternatives to foil and plastics, reducing both costs and environmental footprint. Algro Guard OHG can be used for sealed products without the need for added sealants. It comprised of more than 80% renewable materials.

The one-side coated glossy paper has been specifically optimised for gravure and flexo printing. Its excellent printability makes Algro Guard OHG an ideal solution for both luxury products and mass production, with the ability to use the same materials across the full span of products. This increases efficiency and streamlines the supply chain, helping brands reduce time to market and costs.

Improved experience

Belgian chocolate producer Delafaille was the first to use Algro Guards OHG and the company is very satisfied with the results. Paul Daems, General Manager of Delafaille, says, “We were developing a package for our new brand, Amusette. We wanted something that would improve the product safety, the user friendliness and the optical appearance. We needed a paper that could enhance our unique design idea, which is similar to a teabag envelope. The package makes the unwrapping and consuming of chocolate a special moment, adding to its overall value and increasing consumer engagement with the brand.”

At the same time, Daems was looking for a way to optimize the production process so mass production would be cost effective and fast. He adds, “Algro Guard OHG turns our innovative design into a premium product. The use of paper instead of foil or plastic makes it user friendly and offers a better haptic experience, without the need for extra steps in the production environment. This gives us the best of both worlds – premium packaging at mass produced prices.”

Flow pack Delafaille wanted to be able to produce this new packaging without adding coatings or adhesives, both removing steps and cost from the manufacturing process and reducing its environmental footprint. Since Algro Guard OHG is heat resistant, it meant that Amusette could be produced as a flow pack. Daems comments, “It is a simple process that is normally applied to foil packaging. With Algro Guard OHG, we can now use the same process with the renewable material paper.’The 92 gms paper offers excellent protection of the product, great printability and is easy to use in a packaging production environment. Daems points out, “The objective was to provide the consumer with a pleasant surprise when they open the chocolate box, and Algro Guard OHG did just that.”
Algro Guard is part of a product family designed by Sappi to enhance the ability of packaging to protect food products and improve their safety while at the same time removing steps from the production process. This includes Algro Guard M, a packaging paper with a mineral oil barrier, that recently received a PPI Award for Advances and Innovation.
“Algro Guard OHG is another example of Sappi’s dedication to packaging innovation,” reports René Köhler, Head of Business Development at Sappi Packaging and Speciality Papers. “Algro Guard OHG is a glossy, white, wood-free paper suitable for contact with food as per the recommendation of XXXVI BfR (German Health Administration) and the foodstuffs laws of Austria as well as the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. We are proud of the innovative spirit of our team that makes this and other Sappi products unique in the marketplace.”
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