Antilope Boxes a Clever Idea for Mylène's Femme Fatale Perfume Packaging using Sappi Algro Design®

Brussels, 17 October  2013

Intricate, delicate carton achieves prestigious industry recognition

Antilope Cardboard - a pision of the Antilope graphical media group, based in Lier Belgium has won the Ecma Award 2013 in the Beauty & Cosmetics category.  Antilope's choice to use Sappi’s Algro Design bright white carton board and the use of special digital finishing technologies resulted in a beautifully intricate perfume packaging.


Linda Corremans, Antilope Cardboard's Manager says, "Brand owner Mylène nv came to us to have the current Femme Fatale eau de parfum packaging to be upgraded. For a state-of-the-art company such as Mylène, it is vital for its cosmetic products to stand out from all the rest. Hence, the crucial need for the ‘out of the box’ thinking that allowed us to deliver a unique solution.”


Mylène nv was seeking a packaging with a persuasive appeal for Femme Fatale. To meet this need, Antilope, a specialist in cardboard design, converting, printing and finishing, created a highly complex, very delicate, and quite eye catching design. The result convinced the Pro Carton/ECMA Award judges to choose this entry as the winner in 2013’s Beauty & Cosmetics category.


Using its new Highcon Euclid digital creasing and cutting machine, Antilope Cardboarddeveloped Mylène’s packaging suggestion to position a flower with fine cuts at the edges on both the side and the front of the package. The embossed lettering "Limited Edition" was also added to the package.


The two-colour print and the design with its fine laser cuts gives the carton a glowing, luxurious appearance. This delivers a perfect combination of the mandatory information on contents and the selling messages, giving the packaging the type of appeal that Mylène nv was looking for.


The award judges particularly liked the intricate and accurate cutting that had been achieved using a laser cutter and the way it enhanced the relatively simple carton shape and printing. They felt the look and appeal of the carton was enhanced substantially by the clever design and the skill used in creating the very fine cut sections of the box. They added that the feel of the paperboard was different; and in the beauty and cosmetics sector, emotional appeal to the consumer is just as important as the initial visual appeal. This carton, in their opinion, accomplished both.


Mylène nv also required the packaging to be easily recycled – a request that cartonboard in general and Algro Design in particular, can readily meet. In addition to being recyclable, Sappi’s Algro Design provides good protection for the product for easy shipping.  Automatic filling and easy storage were requirements for this project. The products are sold via a webshop and the party plan system, and then delivered by postal services or the salesperson. So durable and protective packaging is a must.


“Simple yet effective design has to be supported by the confidence that the substrate chosen will meet the required performance expectations,” says Lars Scheidweiler, Sappi's Product Group Manager Rigid Packaging.  “Antilope has successfully demonstrated just how effective this approach can be and how Algro Design helps meet all of the objectives – particularly in the demanding beauty care and cosmetics market segment.”


Algro Design has been sourced to Antilope from Sappi's distribution partner in Belgium: merchant Igepa BeLux


The Pro Carton/ECMA Award, Europe’s most important award for packaging made of cartonboard, is in its sixteenth year. The prize-winning concepts have often provided a springboard for additional ideas, especially with sustainable packaging solutions becoming increasingly important and in high demand by consumers and brand owners.



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