Algro Design® Duo Deluxe calendar to raise funds for species conservation

Brussels, 27 November 2013


Deluxe calendar to raise funds for species conservation


Sappi's bright white cartonboard Algro Design®Duo has been selected for the Mondberge Species Conservation Calendar 2014


Following on from two previously successful calendars and produced to a luxury standard on Sappi's bright white cartonboard Algro Design® Duo, the 2014 Mondberge Species Conservation calendar is a feast for the eye. Last year’s calendar won gold in its category at Printstars 2013, the acclaimed innovation award within the German printing industry and the latest calendar is sure to be a strong contender for 2014.  One of the striking images of the 12 threatened species is of the kingfisher - droplets of water glitter like stars and the kingfisher's bright plumage glistens as the gleaming silver fish flounders one last time before disappearing into the bird's orange-red beak.  "This calendar presents some of the most stunning wildlife photography I have seen for a long time," says German actor Hannes Jaenicke, ambassador of the limited edition calendar. As in the past two years all profits will go towards projects to protect threatened wildlife. 

For the new edition the calendar's creators, Publisher TiPP 4 Verlag in Rheinbach and Print and Media company druckpartner in Essen, selected 12 very different images submitted by world renowned wildlife photographers from their most stunning shots. The featured species are presented in unusual ways using several different print finishing techniques. 

Print finishing makes the difference

"When we developed the first species conservation calendar three years ago, Algro Design Duo from Sappi produced by far the best photo prints," says Michael Matschuck, Managing Director of druckpartner. "We were especially impressed by the excellent image reproduction and finish of the wildlife pictures on the bright white surface. Algro Design Duo also has the necessary rigidity and stability to be held in the wooden spiral binding." 

As well as exotic species like the koala and the orca, the calendar features more familiar animals like the hedgehog and the honeybee. There are two calendar pages for each month.
The top page, printed on Algro Design Duo in a weight of 250 g/m2, depicts the animal or the bird. The bottom page, printed on a Sappi graphics grade, MagnoTM bulk, also in a weight of 250 g/m2, includes the calendar itself and information about each species.  There are also details about the photographer and a little of their history. Instead of an aluminium wire binding druckpartner and TiPP 4 opted for an innovative spine made of untreated birchwood. This allows the pages to be easily removed so that they can be framed and hung on a wall.

As with previous editions, this strictly limited edition, of which only 2014 will be printed to match the year, is bound to impress and bring a uniquely visual and tactile experience. Using different finishing techniques and effects for each image the desirable calendar will undoubtedly become a collector’s item.  With a scented coating on the eucalyptus leafs for the koala bear, for example, and an iridescent effect on the ice crystals for the wolf, sea fans are coated with a partially textured varnish which is slightly rough to the touch. Relief embossing gives the furry parts of the bee's body a 3D effect and as an unusual touch, a high-gloss UV finish enhances the realism of the black glass on which a gecko is sitting. 

Lars Scheidweiler, Product Group Manager for Rigid Packaging at Sappi Fine Paper Europe explains, "A lot of passion has gone into producing the 2014 Species Conservation Calendar. We have been impressed by the way druckpartner made full use of the creative design and finishing possibilities to present these stunning pictures by international wildlife photographers from all over the world on our bright white cartonboard and make this deluxe wall calendar special.”

Media for species conservation

The Mondberge project was initiated by Michael Matschuck and Andreas Klotz, Managing Director of TiPP 4 Verlag, to support species conservation. Their goal was to produce high-quality media products that could be sold to raise money for species conservation, inform and entertain. The 2012 and 2013 calendars raised almost €40 000, which was used to support a number of projects including the protection of mountain gorillas in Uganda, porpoises in the Baltic Sea and cheetahs in Namibia. The bilingual calendar (in English and German) makes an excellent charitable corporate gift for customers or employees.


Award-winning species conservation calendar

The Mondberge Species Conservation Calendar has already won a series of awards for its brilliant printing and sophisticated print finishing. In addition to the recently presented Printstar 2013, the 2012 calendar won gold in the calendar category in the Sappi European Printer of the Year and Sappi International Printer of the Year competitions, as well as receiving a BlueGreen Award. This prize recognised creativity, eco-friendly printing and social responsibility. The 2013 Species Conservation Calendar was also nominated for the acclaimed gregor calendar award and was among the finalists in the Druck+Medien Awards 2013.


About Algro Design

Algro Design from Sappi is one of the most popular coated carton types on the market. The product range impresses with superior whiteness, consistent surface finish, very high, light resistance and a silky smooth touch.  It is available in three product versions:

  • Algro Design® with double coated front side and uncoated reverse side
  • Algro Design® Card with double coated front side and single coated reverse side 
  • Algro Design® Duo with symmetrically double coated surface on the front and reverse sides

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