Sappi Valida in cosmetics

Across the cosmetics landscape, consumers are seeking more natural ingredients that make them feel good about themselves and their environmental footprint.

From nature to your cosmetics, Valida is a renewable material that performs as an opacifier and stabiliser for a wide range of cosmetic applications, as well as supporting a more sustainable life cycle. 

Some unique advantages of using Valida in cosmetic applications include:

  • The ability to stabilise formulation without thickening
  • Easily sprayable and spreadable
  • Moisturising properties
  • Enhanced rheology and synergies with Xantham Gum

Valida can be used in cosmetic applications such as skin care, body care, sun care, baby care, fragrance formulas, other leave-on formulas, hair care and other rinse-off formulas.

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Valida has enhanced rheology & synergies with Xanthan Gum

  • Valida's hydrating property counters the greasy and sticky skin feel of Xanthan gum, whilst improving formulation pick-up and providing a unique texture.
  • At low dosage, Valida is a stabiliser with minimal impact on viscosity. At increased dosage, Valida can act as a thickener.
  • Valida also synergises with Xanthan Gum for significantly improved viscosity and stabilising performance.



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Sappi Valida nanocellulose responds to a critical need to replace undesirable products, used to impart performance characteristics such as reinforcement and stabilisation, with sustainable natural ingredients. Valida is compatible with a diverse range of applications such as cosmetics, coatings, agriculture and construction materials.
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With the significant increase in consumption of hand sanitisers, we are excited to introduce Sappi’s Valida natural cellulose product for the formulation of more skin- and planet-friendly solutions.