Dye Sublimation Papers

Our dye sublimation product portfolio includes coated and uncoated sublimation papers for digital transfer printing with water-based dye sublimation inks.

Used widely in the fashion, home textiles, sportswear and sports equipment, soft signage and hard substrates industries, Sappi's sublimation papers are designed for maximum and consistent colour transfer with minimum ink consumption. Whether industrial or non-industrial printers, our dye sublimation papers are suitable for different machine types and speeds to cover a wide range of polyester-based application segments.

Besides providing the most suitable dye sublimation paper for each type of application, a team of specialised, experienced engineers offers expert colour management advice and helps to optimise the entire production process to ensure optimum results.


Uncoated Papers Back to top

Our uncoated dye sublimation paper was specially developed for light designs and high speed printing. Basejet enables controlled, reproducible results thanks to a very smooth, closed printing side.

Coated Papers Back to top

Best in class drying. Instant-drying with increased colour release. Designed for high-speed printing to dry industrial dye sub inks with a higher glycol content, e.g. for Kyocera print heads.

A Smooth performer. Its special reverse side treatment generates high runnability on industrial printers with a glue belt system.

A classic performer. Can be applied on a wide range of polyester based substrates and textiles for an outstanding quality and price-performance ratio.

Highly productive. Dye sublimation paper of ultra-light grammage for cost- and productivity driven production processes on industrial scale. Especially designed to use with a limited ink load.

Pure industrial. Fast ink absorption and drying. Especially developed for high speed digital transfer printing.

Reversible tack. Special heat-active coating attaches papers to stretchable textiles. The reversible tack between paper and textile prevents ghosting and reduces textile shrinkage.

Enhanced reversible tack effect. Papers imply an enhanced tack-effect to work with extremely elastic textiles. Perfect to achieve maximum  reduction of textile shrinkage.

Pure industrial tack. Special heat-active coating to create adhesion to stretchable textiles. Specially designed for industrial printers using inks with a higher glycol content, e.g. for Kyocera print heads.