Ceramics, Refractory and Clay Bricks

Lignin can be added to the clay mixture during the manufacture of bricks and roof tiles.

Use of lignin in the production of ceramics, refractories and clay bricks is beneficial for processing, product properties and energy consumption, because the dispersing effect supports mechanical homogenisation of the raw mixture and improves workability at reduced free water content.

Consequently, less energy is needed for processing, drying and firing. In addition, the binding property of lignin increases green and final strength, resulting in reduced cracking of the final product.

If greater concentrations of lignins are used, where necessary in combination with other organic materials, the decomposition gases expand the clay mass accordingly during the firing process. A homogenous pore structure is formed.

Lignin is a major component of wood and is one of the most abundant natural organic wood polymers which provides a multitude of functionalities.

Our lignin is used in a variety of industrial and agricultural areas for various applications.

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