Animal feed additive

Sappi Pelletin – nature’s alternative for improved animal performance. Pelletin is a lignin which offers multiple functionality for improved productivity in the animal nutrition and health industry.

Not only is it a natural binder which binds all the feed ingredients and additives together to produce cost-effective compound feed pellets with enhanced durability and strength, but its organic constituents may also help to improve animal gut health and performance.

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The benefits of using Pelletin

The benefits to feed manufacturers include an increase in manufacturing productivity, where binding properties at reduced production temperatures, as well as energy savings related to the reduced friction in the pelleting equipment result in increased production rates and reduced costs. Reduced friction also leads to reduced maintenance costs and increased equipment availability.

The organic constituents of  Pelletin may also impart prebiotic properties for improved nutrient absorption and animal gut health – as demonstrated during controlled studies.

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Lignin is a major component of wood and is one of the most abundant natural organic wood polymers which provides a multitude of functionalities.

Our lignin is used in a variety of industrial and agricultural areas for various applications.

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