Journey to a thriving world with the SDGs

We’ve joined the global movement to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and have set ambitious targets in areas where we believe Sappi can have the biggest impact. As an energy-intensive business, we’re especially focused on goal #7, affordable and clean energy, which also contributes to climate action, #13. In addition to our 2025 targets, we’re setting science-based emission reduction targets for 2030.

On this journey, we're committed to a roadmap for decarbonisation that brings together the brilliance of technology, the power of  nature and the creativity of  people. And not just in Europe, but everywhere we operate. While this is an immense challenge, it is one we are embracing with enthusiasm and steadfast determination.

Sappi Europe’s Decarbonisation Roadmap is the expression of this bold effort with three main priorities for action. Discover some of the breakthrough projects on our decarbonisation journey with the posters below.

Journey to a thriving world
We’ve joined the global movement to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), setting ambitious targets in areas where we believe Sappi can have the biggest impact.
Our Decarbonisation Roadmap
Decarbonisation requires marshalling Sappi’s expertise and ingenuity like never before. And it’s a challenge that we’re embracing with enthusiasm and determination. This roadmap shows how.
Alfeld Mill: Optimising pulp mill processes
This ambitious multi-year optimisation project at Alfeld Mill is now complete! It involved enlarging the evaporation plant for spent black liquor, which increased pulp production and generated extra green energy.
Carmignano Mill: Project Apollo
Decarbonisation requires that we do more with less. By teaming up with TEP, an external company, we invested €15 million in state-of-the-art technology for our cogeneration plant.
Ehingen Mill: Energy- efficient digesters
Heating the digesters in pulp production is an energy-intensive process. Our engineers in Ehingen have succeeded to make this process more efficient.
Gratkorn Mill: Taurus Boiler 11
The last coal was fired at Gratkorn in 2021 thanks to this visionary project that involved the complete modernisation of boiler 11.
Gratkorn Mill: District Heating by Sappi
The nearby city of Graz is warming up with eco-effective heat from Sappi. Instead of going to waste, we’re supplying excess heat from our mill to the city via nine kilometres of underground pipes.
Kirkniemi Mill: Bio for Boiler 5
By 2023 our mill will be proudly powered by renewable bioenergy! With an investment of €16 million in 2021, we gained the equipment to receive, store and handle biomass to power our multi-fuel boiler and finally exit coal.
Maastricht Mill: Sustainably generated electricity
Today our ‘e-boiler’ runs on green electricity, generated from clean solar and wind. With a capacity of 20MW and 2000h/year production time it will supply 13% of our steam demand.
Stockstadt Mill: Making heat eco-effective
For years mill wastewater had been running hot from the bleachery. The Sappi team transformed this wasted heat into a new energy source for the mill.
Decarbonisation is not just our responsibility. It's an opportunity that we’re embracing with a spirit of eco-effective ingenuity that’s unique to Sappi.
Sarah Price
European Director of Sustainability