Champions for sustainable forestry in North America

We practise and promote sustainable forestry to ensure that forestland stays forested for generations to come. 

On the battleground of media sound bites, our industry has to respond to a barrage of misleading messages like "go paperless, save a tree" with our own declarations and one-liners. Offense. Defence. With every parcel of truth, myths and misinformation abound and no one seems to take the time to engage in meaningful dialogue.

As an industry leader with years of field experience and technical knowledge, we know it's our duty to show how sustainable forestry results in healthier forests and thriving wildlife in North America and everywhere else we operate. We believe in presenting the facts and science behind sustainable forestry practices. Our use of certified and controlled paper products should make you feel confident in using Sappi's woodfibre solutions. 

Simply put, people love trees. It’s troubling that some people envision responsible paper manufacturers as engaging in deforestation when, in fact, our suppliers are harvesting sustainably with a keen vigilance about promoting the regeneration that keeps forests thriving. 

This type of thinking not only helps create habitats for animals that call these woodlands home but also ensures clean air, protected soil, better water quality and the promotion of biodiversity. Many people assume the best thing for a forest is to leave it in its natural state, yet few understand that variation in age class within a forest helps to promote biodiversity of both plant and animal species.

At Sappi, we fully disclose where our wood comes from, the types of trees that are harvested and why we select particular species for our mills. All forests are managed either by Mother Nature or by humans - and it’s often the case that human management is better for the long-term health of the forests.

We’re proud of the fact that selling pulp and paper products is our business. We strive to be a profitable, global leader within our industry, while being vigilant about using sustainably harvested wood with high levels of certification. Sappi does not promote wasteful consumption of resources, renewable or otherwise. 

We want our customers to use paper wisely and purposefully. And we also want to create an understanding that no one should feel guilty about paper when products are sourced responsibly. As an industry, we must strive to meet society’s needs for wood and paper products. But it is not just about meeting that demand - good forest management is about making forests better. In North America, and everwhere else we operate.

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