​Stanger Mill

Stanger Mill is unique in South Africa in that it uses bagasse as its basic raw material in the manufacture of office paper and tissue wadding.

Situated along the north coast of KwaZulu-Natal, the mill is ideally situated to take advantage of the ready supply of bagasse from the neighbouring Gledhow Sugar Company.

The technology of pulp and paper manufacturing is dynamic and continually advancing as there are demands placed upon paper end-users. In order to satisfy the demand for good quality paper made with care for the environment, we continually assess our manufacturing processes and manage product development based on market demands and industry trends.

The mill’s paper machine has a production capacity of 82,000 tons, while the tissue machine produces 28,000 tons per annum. It also produces 60,000 tons of bleached bagasse pulp for its own consumption per annum.


Gledhow Mount
4450 Stanger
South Africa
Sbusile Mndawe
Communication Practitioner
+27 (0)32 437 2100

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​Stanger Mill and our community

Water is the lifeblood of pulp and paper mills with incoming and outgoing water streams carefully managed around the clock. Pulping chemicals are recovered through a chemical recovery plant where they are converted into saleable soda ash for industrial use.

Stanger Mill’s Mbozambo lake provides bird enthusiasts with one of the most prolific bird locations on the north coast of KwaZulu-Natal. In conjunction with the Blythedale Conservancy, the mill erected a bird hide where as many as thirty species of birds can be spotted in any given hour. This area is included in the national co-ordinated water bird count which takes place twice a year.

The safety and wellbeing of our employees, contractors and visitors is of utmost importance to us. We recognise that safety and health is integral to the success and sustainability of our mill. In support of this the mill received OHSAS 18001 certification in 2004.

The mill plays a positive role in the surrounding community by supporting a wide range of social upliftment programmes:

Skills development and training
Sappi KwaDukuza Resource Centre — Located close to the mill, this digital village and learning centre makes information accessible to students from all walks of life including older adults.

PROTEC — A national science and technology career development programme promoting technology literacy for learners in grades 10-12. PROTEC Stanger is a Sappi sponsored branch with the specific focus of raising the standards of mathematics and science.

HIV/AIDS risk management programme
Our policy is focussed on education, training and awareness programmes with regards the promotion of acceptance and transparency around the disease in the workplace. This is coupled with reasonable and appropriate support for infected and affected employees.

Community outreach
Paper donation to schools — the mill has become the home of the office paper brand, Typek. We continue to donate paper, on an annual basis, to almost 42 schools within a 15km radius of the mill.