​South America

We look after some of the biggest markets across South America and know all there is to know about our speciality paper range.

Across South America, we work hard to bring our high-quality paper to customers in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

A popular choice among large printers and publishers, our coated printing and publishing paper is perfect for occasions when high reprographic quality is essential. As a result, it is often used to produce high-quality magazines, catalogues and advertising material.

We also offer our customers a wide range of speciality products, including:

  • casting release paper, ideal for bringing synthetic leather and decorative laminate product designs to life and a popular choice within the automotive and furniture markets
  • high-performance uncoated speciality flexpack and technical papers, and
  • speciality label papers, for use as can and jar labels, wine and spirit labels, game and puzzle boxes as well as perfume and luxury drinks.


So there's guaranteed to be a solution for whatever the requirement.

Sappi Trading do Brasil Ltda
Flavio Ignacio
Managing Director
Rua Haddock Lobo, 131 - cj 709/710
01414-001 São Paulo
+55 11 3159 1080
Located in Nairobi, Johannesburg and Vienna, we provide sales and logistics support for South African Containerboard products in Central, North Africa and Europe. In addition, we support Sappi’s North American and European packaging, specialities, graphics and biomaterial products throughout the Central African and Indian Ocean Islands region.
Our Andean States South America trading division manages the sale and distribution of our products throughout Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Venezuela.
Located in Sydney, we provide sales and logistics support for Sappi’s packaging, specialities, graphics, and biomaterial products throughout the Australia, New Zealand and Indonesian markets.
This office works with customers to supply products across Central America, the Caribbean and parts of South America.
Located in Hong Kong and Shanghai, we provide sales and logistics support for Sappi’s packaging, specialities, graphics, pulp and biomaterial products throughout the Southeast and East Asia region.
Find contact details for our regional sales offices for casting and release papers sales across South and Central America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Australasia.