Our COVID-19 response in North America

During this challenging time, many businesses are faced with unprecedented changes to their operations. At Sappi North America, our employees’ health and safety remain our top priority. We have worked hard to update our internal and external procedures so we can continue to provide the essential products our customers need. 

From paper labels for canned goods and food packaging to dissolving pulp that goes into disinfectant wipes and hospital gowns, the opportunities we have to support our communities are more important now than ever before. 

Many years ago, we committed to diversify our business so that we could more easily work through situations such as this. We are confident that Sappi North America will continue to be a strong, innovative manufacturer in the U.S. both during and beyond this crisis. 

As a result of an increase in customer and stakeholder inquiries, we have created this resource to address common questions about how Sappi North America has responded and will continue to respond to COVID-19. As we continue to navigate this situation, we will update this page. 

What actions is Sappi North America taking to reduce the spread of COVID-19? 

All our sites have strict and extensive protocols to minimise the risk of exposure, including: 

  • Detailed reviews and new protocols for social distancing practices
  • Locking down facilities to access by non-essential visitors / contractors
  • Having all employees whose jobs don’t require them to be at the facilities work from home
  • Robust processes to keep employees with potential exposure risk out of mills
  • Extensive hygiene practices.

Are Paper, Pulp and Paperboard considered essential businesses? 

We deem our businesses as essential, and to date, states such as Maine, Minnesota and Pennsylvania, that have restricted the operation of many businesses, have exempted the pulp and paper industry. Quebec has also deemed our Matane operation as essential. 

What is Sappi North America’s contingency plan if a mill needs to shut down? 

We have four manufacturing sites in North America with multiple machines. The majority of our paper, packaging and dissolving pulp products are qualified across multiple platforms. In addition, Sappi North America is part of a larger global network with multiple production facilities in both Europe and North America, giving us the ability to carousel grades between production sites, if needed.

If you have further questions about our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please do not hesitate to contact us or your local Sappi sales manager.