Sappi Fine Paper Europe, My Life in Print - 15 September 2011

“A room without books is like a body without a soul” (Cicero) Sappi launches ‘My Life in Print’ to acknowledge each and everybody’s relationship with print, and its essential and integral role in our future.


My first concert ticket, my first passport full of travel stamps, my first school photo, the first book I read on my own, the newspaper printed the day that I was born – isn’t it interesting that the majority of our most important ‘firsts’ symbolising key periods in our lives are paper based? The significance, enduring nature and adaptability of paper is the core theme reflected in Sappi Fine Paper Europe’s new publication – My Life in Print – released yesterday during the EACA Euro EFFIE Awards in Brussels, acknowledging and celebrating commercial communications effectiveness.


My Life in Print, just released by Sappi Fine Paper Europe, celebrates the richness that print has brought, and continues to bring, to society and our world. A myriad of examples in a creatively designed book reflect how print and paper is integral to our daily lives. By addressing the challenges of the media mix, it’s clear that print and paper retain their space, working well in parallel with more digital forms of communication.


The book contains 5 chapters exploring how print puts us in touch with ourselves; the unique place of print in the media mix; why print and paper are key to a sustainable future; the enduring adaptability of print and paper; and how print allows us the space to be who we really are. Intimate stories using real life examples bring our relationship with paper to life in a relevant and meaningful way.



Sappi has chosen the occasion of the 2011 EACA Euro EFFIE awards (Wednesday 14th Sept, Brussels, Belgium) to launch My Life in Print. Eric Van den Bruel, Product Development and Marketing Director at Sappi Fine Paper Europe is a member of the jury, whose task it is to select and reward marketing communications campaigns from any discipline which have achieved success through proven, effective marketing communications in two or more European markets. Speaking at the awards he said, “The awards provide a great platform to launch our new My Life in Print publication. As a key part of the marketing media mix, paper continues to hold its own as a fantastic medium to communicate with. Our new book shows us how paper is integral to the functioning of society on a practical level, as well as how meaningful it continues to be in terms of evoking emotion and action. We hope that it will provide inspiration to its readers, as it has certainly inspired us during its creation.”


This latest publication by Sappi Fine Paper Europe belongs to the Life With Print (LWP) initiative, the objective of which is to show the efficient and effective use of the right media mix. My Life in Print completes the series by linking print to individuals, and the need and desire for paper in order to live and experience life to the full.



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My Life in Print: If you would like to obtain a copy of our book, please contact our sales office via and a copy will be sent to you free of charge.


EACA Euro Effie Awards: The EACA Euro EFFIES are the Gold Standard in Marketing Communications Effectiveness. They reward marketing communications campaigns from any discipline which have achieved success through proven, effective marketing communications in two or more European markets. Further information about the awards and this year’s event can be found on: 

Eric van den Bruel, Product Development and Marketing Director at Sappi Fine Paper Europe is a member of the Round 2 Jury.:


Life With Print (LWP) Initiative. Geared towards professionals in the communication business, LWP was launched by Sappi in 2004 in order to promote print as medium for communication. This global initiative is run by Sappi in Europe, North America and South Africa. Further information can be found on the Sappi Website.


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