Sappi’s talent for innovation awarded during 2012 Pulp and Paper International (PPI) Awards

Sappi Fine Paper Europe is very proud to have won one award in the 2012 Pulp & Paper International Awards, during a ceremony hosted on 12 November in Brussels. The awards are dedicated to recognising the achievements of companies, mills and inpiduals in the pulp and paper sector and are truly global in scale.


Upon news of the awards, Berry Wiersum, CEO of Sappi Fine Paper Europe said, “I am delighted to be able to dedicate this award to my colleagues at Sappi Fine Paper Europe. One of our core themes this year has been People behind Paper, and these awards are a perfect opportunity to once again acknowledge people at Sappi. It is as a result of their creativity, innovation and drive that we are still leaders in the industry. Congratulations Sappi!”


Our 2012 award is in the following categories:

  • Advances in Innovation in Speciality Papers (Mill) : Alfeld,  White liner for corrugated board production [Fusion]

Sappi’s Alfeld mill in Germany was the innovation centre for a new type of white liner developed for corrugated board production, focused on the creation of a new reverse side barrier coating. The result was Fusion, a product which is much more than a simple white top liner; it is a premium white liner. The innovation came about as a result of Sappi’s accumulated competence in paper coatings, and its vast knowledge and experience in packaging materials in the Alfeld mill. With this new innovation Fusion can offer customers a very special appearance and associated print performance that other top liners simply can’t beat. Sappi is very proud of this new innovation.

Sappi was nominated in a further three categories this year. This in itself is testament to the company’s continued strong performance in the market and dedication to investing in future growth opportunities, as well as its commitment to creating valuable tools and resources for Sappi customers and partners. The additional category nominations were as follows:

  • Innovative Products- Graphic Papers (Jaz Silk, digital paper)
  • Promotional Campaign (Houston, the digital universe of paper and printing knowledge)
  • Advances in Innovation in Sustainable Packaging (Mill) (Alfeld / Innovia – Laminate Structure for Compostable Packaging [Algro Nature])


[Further information on each of our entries can be found in the notes to the editor section below]





Notes to the Editor


The PPI Awards

First launched in 2009, the global PPI Awards (organized by RISI, the leading information provider to the global forest products industry ) are dedicated to recognising the achievements of companies, mills and inpiduals in the pulp and paper sector. The PPI Awards are global, and proudly provide a platform that honours leadership, vision, innovation and strategic accomplishments within the industry.


Our Nominations Sappi Fine Paper Europe was nominated in 4 separate award categories as follows:

  • Innovative Products- Graphic Papers (Jaz Silk, digital paper)

Jaz™ silk is a high-quality coated paper specifically made for high speed digital inkjet web printing. In an era where speed and customisation are key differentiators in highly competitive markets, print quality no longer has to suffer. Jaz™ silk digital coated paper has full high-speed inkjet functionality, yet manages to combine the reassuring look and feel of offset paper with full colour personalisation options and flexibility. Key characteristics for this paper include the fact that no bonding agent or other treatments are required, print efficiency leading to time saving, and lower consumption of ink compared to offset paper.  Jaz™ silk is first achievement from a very successful partnership between HP, the world’s leading printer and PC manufacturer, and Sappi Fine Paper Europe.


  • Promotional Campaign (Houston, the digital universe of paper and printing knowledge)

Houston is Sappi Fine Paper Europe’s brand new online knowledge platform specifically developed as a support tool for professionals working in the paper and graphic industries. As well as easily accessible information on paper, printing and converting-related topics, live experts work with professionals to find solutions to issues in real time. Anything you need to know about paper or print; Houston will have the answer! .

The idea for Houston came from the desire to share our wide expertise and accumulated knowledge with our customers. The knowledge platform includes all types of information from the latest printing techniques and paper types, to market trends and specific topics via Web Seminars. The platform also hosts polls, market feedback and opinions, and is regularly updated with news about, and from, the broader industry environment. One of the most exciting features is the live support service which is offered free of charge, enabling users to chat directly with Sappi technical staff to ask questions and share ideas.

  • Advances in Innovation in Speciality Papers (Mill)  (Alfeld,  White liner for corrugated board production [Fusion]

Fusion is a premium white topliner designed for lamination onto corrugated board. Using 100% bleached virgin fibres, to ensure it is a spotless paper Fusion has been engineered to bring out the highest levels of quality - regardless of the printing process - offset, flexo and digital. But what makes the grade stand out is its flexibility and suitability for a range of markets, from corrugators, litho laminators, display manufacturers and folding box converters to direct mailers, pre-printers, designers, agencies and co-packers.

By coating and calendering the paper, the Fusion surface offers a special quality and gloss much closer to the quality of content and display packaging therefore carrying a perception of higher-value-for money. A cost effective high quality result is therefore achievable for brand owners, retailers, agencies and converters. Key to this is its ability to produce unrivalled results on a lower grammage sheet, mirroring the market trend towards lightweighting.

Fusion is especially attractive for brand owners requiring high shelf impact for applications from displays to packaging for consumer electronics, bag in box and pet food.

  • Advances in Innovation in Sustainable Packaging (Mill) (Alfeld / Innovia – Laminate Structure for Compostable Packaging [Algro Nature])

Algro Nature is the first completely bio-based, renewable, recyclable and compostable paper and bioplastic packaging that can be used for a wide variety of foods, beverages and pharmaceuticals. It can be composted at home or even used in anaerobic digestion plants to produce heat and energy, meaning lower greenhouse gas emissions and less waste. As end users become more aware of the availability of environmentally sustainable paper, it has become increasingly important for mills to continue to improve the sustainability position of their products, and Sappi has dedicated significant resources to this effort. Sappi and its Algro Nature has teamed up with Innovia Films and its NatureFlex™ range to demonstrate the potential of laminate structures suitable for end users in the food, confectionery and beverage industries. The result of this effort is a product that is technically functional and utilizing renewable resources that enhance compostability.





About Sappi

Sappi Fine Paper Europe is the leading European producer of coated fine paper used in premium magazines, catalogues, books and high-end print advertising. Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, Sappi Fine Paper Europe is recognised for innovation and quality. Its graphic paper brands include Magno, Quatro, Royal, Galerie and GalerieArt ranges. Algro, Fusion, Leine and Parade are the brands for speciality labelling, topliner, packaging papers and boards. Jaz is the paper brand for digital printing.

Sappi papers are produced in mills accredited with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification and EMAS registration for all our mills in the EU. SFPE’s mills hold chain-of-custody certification under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and/or the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) schemes.

Sappi Fine Paper Europe is a pision of Sappi Limited (NYSE, JSE), a global company headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, with over 14,900 employees and manufacturing operations on three continents in 7 countries and customers in over 100 countries around the world. Learn more about Sappi