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Our greatest ability to impact the life cycle of our products is by focusing on our production operations. At each mill we strive to do more with less—to make pulp and paper as effi­ciently as possible, maximizing the use of resources and minimizing waste.

Success depends on a combination of efforts across each mill and in numerous operating areas. Recent paper machine investments resulted in expanded product offerings, improved product quality, chemical and fiber savings as well as increased productivity.  Our five-year goals, a key element in our work to continually improve our economic, social and environmental performance, are used to create projects and programs at the mill level driving increased efficiencies through energy and waste reduction. 

The Cloquet pulp mill utilizes Continuous Batch Cooking, allowing us to achieve extended delignification pulping while maintaining high yield and strength properties. In 2013, we further modernized the pulp mill by adding two additional batch digesters as well as an acid pre-hydrolysis stage and an ozone bleaching stage. These changes, along with modifications to our wood yard and pulp dryer, enable the mill to make either dissolving pulp (for the textile market) or bleached kraft pulp used for papermaking. 

Sappi’s Westbrook Mill has a long history of papermaking, stewardship and innovation in the paper industry. This is where we make Sappi Release Papers, including the Ultracast® and Classics families of products. Ultracast® papers are made using our patented electron beam technology that results in 100 percent replication of patterns when cast against these papers. Other embossing methods and casting papers experience less-than-perfect fidelity when transferring texture from paper or film to the textured product surfaces.

Our Somerset Mill is an integrated pulping and papermaking operation where we manufacture coated freesheet papers, grease-proof packaging papers and bleached chemical pulp.  The three paper machines use Sappi North America's patented online finishing technology, which set a new quality bar for publication grades upon it introduction and reaps productivity benefits from fully integrating paper forming, coating and finishing.   Superior printing surface and efficiency on press for our customers, combined with the remarkable sustainability position of the Somerset Mill, all contribute to the success of our publication and packaging papers in the marketplace.


Cloquet Mill
The Cloquet pulp mill is the most modern mill operating in the US, with the capability to make either dissolving wood pulp (serving the textile market) or kraft pulp. Cloquet is also home to the production of our premium publication grades, McCoy, Opus, and Galerie Art.
Somerset Mill
Our Mill in Skowhegan, Maine is an integrated pulping and papermaking operation where we manufacture coated freesheet publication papers, packaging papers and bleached kraft pulp.
Westbrook Mill
A world leader producing specialty release papers and films used to create textures for synthetic leathers, fabrics and laminates. We make texture. Texture makes the difference.