Automotive applications

Sappi Symbio is a highly engineered, strong and sustainable alternative to standard compounds tailor made for automotive interiors.

From the structural parts, to door trims and the center console, our innovative premium cellulose best-in-class solutions enable the automotive interior industry to design the parts of the future. We work closely with the world’s leading OEMs and brands on the latest advanced sustainable technologies. Possibilities for using Sappi Symbio in automotive interiors include:

  • Instrument panels
  • Door panels
  • Centre consols
  • Structural parts
  • Air ducts
  • Cable trays
  • Luggage boards and others

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Key deliverables:

Sappi relies on renewable resources, sustainability is at our core. Symbio automotive interior materials deliver the perfect solution that allows freedom of design, high quality, low emissions with minimum odour whilst promoting a robust sustainability agenda. Read more about Symbio and sustainability here.

Global supply
Sappi is a global company supplying fibre-based solutions worldwide. Providing support to automotive Tiers and OEMs around the world. From our origins in South Africa, we've grown to manufacture across three continents, with operations in over 20 countries.

Symbio is an innovative material solution based on premium cellulose fibres and thermoplastic, allowing automotive manufacturers and their partners to achieve tangible targets in lightweight performance and reduction of cycle time.

Sappi Symbio is an eco-responsible solution

Cellulose fibres improve the life cycle analyses of your product and process, compared to fossil-based conventional materials.

  • Less plastic
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Lightweight solutions
  • High performance

Different from traditional natural fibre biocomposites, Sappi Symbio allows the production of parts to comply with stringent Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements.

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Success Story:

Sappi's Symbio cellulose fiber was chosen as feedstock for the development of lightweight bio-composite materials, for the Life Biobcompo project. The project aims to reduce vehicle CO2 emissions by 8%, through the replacement of conventional mineral fillers with bio-based fibers. Read the full story here.

Sappi Symbio and sustainability. In touch with nature.

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A renewable material that builds upon the strong points of wood.

External management certification—audited by external auditors—ensure that our environmental, safety and quality performance is monitored and that we comply with global best practice.