Revolutionise your product with Sappi Symbio by combining the best qualities of wood and designability of plastic for optimised product properties.

Sappi Symbio is a new natural composite material combining high quality cellulose from wood and a thermoplastics. Benefit from a more natural look, soft and warm touch, high rigidity and low density.

Sappi Symbio consists of premium cellulose fibres which are well dispersed in a polymer matrix and is delivered as granules. It can be injection-moulded and its application ranges across furniture, consumer electronics and automotive components. The long-term vision is to provide bio-based materials fully derived from wood, that offer attractive alternatives to fossil based plastics and composites.

Take the next step. Enhance the properties of your product naturally, and let’s shape the future of bio-based materials together.

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Michela Padovani
Symbio Sales Manager
Biesenweg 16
Maastricht, 6211 AA
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 615 07 69 47
Ana Luisa Matos Vaz
Symbio Technical Product Manager
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