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In South Africa, many of Sappi’s operations are situated in rural areas where poverty is rife, unemployment is high and job opportunities are limited.
Matane Mill in Quebec produces its own biogas from raw process wastewater using anaerobic reactor technology.
The recyclability of products has become just as important to consumers as quality and price. At the same time, consumers are also insisting on food packaging that’s safe.
Gratkorn Mill in Austria has partnered with local energy provider Bioenergie Wärmeservice GmbH (BWS) to supply industrial waste heat generated by the mill’s combined heat and power (CHP) plant to Energie Graz for the next 20 years.
R&D is focused on helping to achieve our ambitious but achievable strategy of extracting more value from each tree and leveraging the changing dynamics between the environment, consumers and the products they require.
Our solutions have changed the industry and sustainability standards globally.
With innovation and ingenuity, we are making our mills eco-effective—reducing carbon emissions and maximising material and resource use at every opportunity.
Graeme Wild, Sappi's Group Head of Investor Relations and Sustainability, outlines how we're meeting the challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) head-on.
We’re unlocking the chemistry of trees to meet the challenges of a carbon-constrained world.