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Sustainability is a key focus across Sappi, but at Maastricht Mill, the team has gone one step further. Maastricht is sponsoring six young people who have officially become the mill’s Sustainability Ambassadors. 
At all our mills worldwide, we’re on a continuous journey to reduce waste and maximise material and resource use. These ‘eco-effective’ operations are essential to accelerate the transition to the biobased, circular economy our planet demands.  
Our goal is to be a great place to work where all people are inspired in their role and empowered to grow to their full potential. Our world-class trainee programme is designed to do just that, setting young people up for success in the jobs of tomorrow — not just today.  
Congratulations to Stockstadt Mill, which has received its fourth Gold Safety Award. In 2019, the mill achieved one million man-hours worked without a reportable accident!  
Supporting the health, safety and wellbeing of our people is the cornerstone of our business.  We don’t accept that injuries and accidents are inevitable and remain committed to Project Zero, our Groupwide safety initiative. 
As the demand for a cleaner planet grows among consumers, so does the emphasis on innovation. The call for sustainable solutions has never been higher. That’s why Sappi Europe is constantly evolving to help its customers with future-oriented circular solutions.
The 4evergreen alliance is an unprecedented industry collaboration that Sappi is proud to have joined in 2019. Never before have businesses and organisations from every part of the fibre-based packaging value chain joined forces for a common cause.
At Sappi, we believe that the right approach when managing timber is to integrate forest management–especially timber harvesting–into the local culture by sharing information and collaborating with local communities and the public, as showcased in these three coastal Maine harvests.
At Sappi, we act as stewards of forestlands together with our suppliers. Our policies and practices aim to ensure that forests are expertly tended, harvested, and most importantly regenerated for healthy regrowth.
A flourishing forest provides a great many things–clean air, drinkable water, recreational opportunities, animal habitat, beautiful scenery, cool shade and, yes, paper and wood products.