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Forests cover almost a third of the global land area, and harbour most of the terrestrial biodiversity. We’re committed to being part of the solution to conserve biodiversity and restore nature in forests. This FAQ explains why and how.
Sappi Southern Africa holds a 30% stake in Ngodwana Energy, a 25 MW biomass energy plant at Ngodwana Mill. The plant, which came on stream in March 2022, uses biomass recovered from surrounding plantations and screened waste material from the mill production process. Up to 35 tonnes an hour of biomass is burned in a boiler to generate steam and drive a turbine to generate electricity which is fed into the national grid. Some questions have been raised about the environmental sustainability of the project, which we have answered here.
Forest products like paper, paper packaging and dissolving pulp are sustainable, renewable alternatives to fossil fuel-derived products such as plastic. Discover how in this FAQ.
Forests hold solutions for so many pressing global challenges, including water scarcity and drought. This FAQ explores how with Eucalypts and Pine trees in South Africa.
Paper is a renewable and recyclable material that can be a responsible choice in your print and digital media mix. This FAQ shows how with a focus on Southern Africa where Sappi was born in 1936.
In the communities where we work, we plant seeds of change and opportunity that enhance people’s everyday lives. This FAQ explains how with Sappi Khulisa in South Africa.