​Stronger, re-usable pallets - Hannover Sales Office

Yes, I care.

Because stronger pallets last longer. Collaboration with our merchant Igepa and our printer Saxoprint has resulted in a change to the way we deliver our paper. The weight of the XXL paper was damaging the old pallets, causing them to bend and break in the middle. We invested in stronger, more durable pallets designed to carry heavier loads.

Happy with finding a solution for our customer I wanted to see if we could go even further. What if we re-used the pallets? The new pallets can be used up to 9 times. By returning them to the mill after delivery we are taking care of our investment in more durable materials, supporting the environment by re-using the pallets, and actually savings on costs!

By taking the time to listen, and by opening our eyes to other possibilities, we were able to implement a change that is of benefit to us, to our printer, and to the environment. Every little counts!

I make Sappi eco-effective. How about you?

Stefan Raabe, Key Account Manager Hannover Sales Office.