​The flow of internal wood traffic - Stockstadt Mill

Yes, I care.

Because reducing internal traffic and maintaining mill safety are a priority for me.

The flow of internal traffic at the Stockstadt mill was becoming increasingly complex. Together with our wood suppliers, we set a goal to simplify this process. We took a step back to carefully look at the way in which stem wood was delivered and weighed, and to find ways to improve the process.

The installation of 2 new weighing scales and a new gateway to the wood yard had an immediate and dramatic effect. As well as reducing overall traffic by 30% and lessening noise, the time spent by delivery trucks in the mill has significantly decreased. Typically, the cycle time for one lorry from arrival, to weighing full, unloading and weighing empty was 60-90 minutes. Now it only takes 30 minutes knocking off 7,800km of internal traffic on an annual basis! It is a very satisfying outcome for all those involved.

I make Sappi eco-effective. How about you?

Guenter Friedrich, Shift Supervisor Wood, Stockstadt Mill.