​Paper waste management - Paris Sales Office

Yes, we care.

Because bringing good habits from home to the office can help make a difference. ‘Sustainability in Sappi France’ is the name used by a group of like-minded colleagues who have come together with the objective of improving the environment in which they work, as well as raising awareness about sustainable development.

First on the agenda is recycling. We all recycle at home, so why not in the office? Special paper bins have been placed in the office since April. Once full, they are emptied into a larger container which is collected every two months by a local company.

Paper is now recycled, waste management costs have been reduced and staff have positively adapted to the new system. It’s great example of how a small change can have a big eco-effective impact.

We make Sappi eco-effective. How about you?

Arnold Gorzen, Johan Cabe, Clément Picherit, Catherine Barbé, Paris Sales Office.