Monitoring and reducing the Phosphorous levels in the water – Ehingen Mill

Yes, I care.

Because we understand the importance of cleaning the water we use before it is returned to the Danube. The implementation of a new optimisation system at Ehingen Mill means that Phosphorous (P) levels in the water can be continually monitored and reduced.

Nitrogen (N) and phosphorus need to be added to the mill’s production wastewater to ensure that bacteria in the sewage treatment plant can do their job and clarify the sewage. Although levels of N and P are already very low, the new system means that we are now able to control the addition of phosphorus even more effectively, merely adding what is absolutely necessary. As a result, only very small amounts enter the river.

As well as reducing the mill’s impact on the environment, the optimization process has reduced costs by approximately 30%. 

I make Sappi eco-effective. How about you?

Christian Sauter, Sewage Technician, Ehingen Mill.