Reducing fresh water demand – Stockstadt Mill

Yes, we care.

Because we value and respect natural resources, and want to use less of them. One of Stockstadt Mill’s environmental objectives is an annual reduction of at least 1 % in freshwater demand.

It was estimated that the relocation of Papermachine 1’s water supply from fresh to sedimental water would result in an annual reduction of 25,000 m³ of fresh water demand. In fact, once the relocation was completed, fresh water demand was reduced at this point by 1.8 % or 35,550 m³ respectively per year, the equivalent of 150 litres of water per tonne of paper!

Through a number of changes, Stockstadt Mill has surpassed its target, and reduced the fresh water demand for our uncoated paper line by 5 % compared to the previous year. With continuous efforts to reduce our demand for energy, we are working in a sustainable manner, and respecting our important resources by handling them sensibly.

We make Sappi eco-effective. How about you?

Ralf Leykam, Machine Operator PM1 and Stefan Link, Shift Supervisor PM1, Stockstadt Mill.