Challenging students to use paper – Budapest Sales Office

Yes, we care.

Because it’s worth remembering the value of paper.  The “We are with you” drawing competition for Vac-based children and teenagers, run by Hungarian printing house IPress Center and supported by Garay Graphic Arts Studio, is all about putting the spotlight on paper.

Although there has been a move towards electronic media, it’s important to remember the benefits of print; no e-waste, the unique experience of reading a book, the touch of a magazine, or a concert ticket.

By challenging students to think and draw on and about paper, we can take steps to rectify common myths about paper production, usage and consumption.  A visit to Gratkorn Mill in Austria and a presentation on papermaking and eco-effectiveness for the competition winner* and her classmates, gave them the tools they need to communicate the positive message about paper to friends and family.

We make Sappi eco-effective. How about you?
Emőke Szabó, IPRESS CENTER Central Europe Zrt. and Beáta Süleová, Sales Manager, Budapest Sales Office.

*Petra Pajor was the winner of the age 10-14 category. She is currently studying  at Váci Madách Imre Gymnasium in a special artistic class.  

Please click here for more information about the event and here for more information about competition and the drawings.