Upgrading waste management process – Kirkniemi Mill

Yes, I care.

Because sorting waste has widespread benefits. Upgrading Kirkniemi Mill’s waste management process has resulted in a more user friendly sorting system and a more efficient way of working. The sorted waste can be utilised for material recycling or energy, thereby reducing the volume of landfill that we generate.

By taking the time define waste sorting criteria, and using an improved labeling system for waste containers, we have succeeded in halving our waste to landfill volume. Simplified logistics around waste collection has also generated benefits with reduced traffic, improved safety and reduced logistic costs.

Eco effective thinking is close to my heart. I get a thrill from knowing that any changes or improvements I make now can have a positive impact on future generations.

I make Sappi eco-effective. How about you?

Raimo Silvonen, Shiftrepairs Supervisor, Kirkniemi Mill.