​Contributing to the local eco-system - Budapest Sales office

Yes, we care.

In winter 2014, the equivalent of 1 month’s sleet (40-50 mm) fell on the Budakeszi Forest just outside Budapest in the space of just 5 days. Atmospheric conditions at the time converted the rain into a heavy 10cm layer of ice covering the forest. The weight on the trees was so great that an area of 50 thousand hectares of forest was effectively destroyed, with collapsed and uprooted trees.

Inspired by our colleagues in Brussels who regularly get together to plant trees in their local forest, we ‘went back to our roots’ and formed a team to help get this stretch of forest back on track.

We believe that the 100 saplings we planted will contribute to jumpstarting the local eco-system. It was a fun way to combine team-building and sustainability, giving our local environment the attention it certainly deserves.

We make Sappi eco-effective. How about you?

Elvira Komisár, Customer Service Representative and Green Ambassador, Budapest Sales Office.