​Ensuring better oil consumption management - Kirkniemi Mill

Yes, I care.

Because large amounts of oil are used in a paper mill’s lubrication and hydraulic systems. Until recently, alarms were only raised when oil levels were too low but we have now introduced a new system which identifies leakages even before their impact is felt in the hydraulic systems.

Environmental incidents are always carefully analysed in the Kirkniemi mill, with corrective actions taken to prevent similar risks in the future. Identifying leaks at an earlier stage in the process ensures better oil consumption management, which in turn means less waste and reduced environmental risks.

Finding the root causes of the problem and defining corrective measures form part of our drive for continuous improvement. Taking responsibility helps us to operate in a sustainable way.

I make Sappi eco-effective. How about you?

Vesa Laurila, Maintenance Supervisor, Kirkniemi Mill.