'Give things a second chance’ - Gratkorn Mill

Yes, we care.

Because everyone, and everything deserves a second chance. From time to time, our offices and mills need a good spring clean to get rid of unused and unwanted materials. Inspired by other eco-effective initiatives, in Gratkorn we decided to undertake a clear out of the mill offices with a difference.

The things that needed to be gotten rid of included old books, pictures, posters, outdated marketing materials, old typewriters and calculators; all of which could easily be used by others. We decided to organize the equivalent of a car boot sale for employees - with a twist! Rather than asking employees to pay us in exchange for the items they wanted, we asked them to make a voluntary donation to our local fire brigade.

Not only did our ‘Give things a second chance’ event give back to the community, we also avoided generating waste by giving old materials a new lease of life.

We make Sappi eco-effective. How about you?

Angela Zenz, Ass. Personnel Development and Mill Communication and Bernhard Bauer, CI Expert, Gratkorn Mill.