​The impact of changing a ferry port - Wesel Logistics Center

Yes, I care.

Finding more efficient ways to transport our paper to our customers is always a priority for me. Deciding to change ferry port, and to use a new warehouse close to Warsaw in Poland has resulted in a faster, more flexible service, yet no increase in CO2 emissions!

Rather than relying on a single weekly shipment of reels from Kirkniemi (via the port of Hanko (Finland) to the port of Gdynia (Poland) where it used to have a warehouse, Sappi now uses the Estonian port of Tallinn as a base from which to reach Poland. The Teresin warehouse near Warsaw receives regular shipments from Tallinn which it then dispatches to customers who are located nearby.

As well as reducing the distance between the main warehouse in Poland and our customers, the new route enables us to be more cost effective and to use otherwise empty trailers.

I make Sappi eco-effective. How about you?

Markus Hoeft, Logistics Process Leader, Wesel Logistics Center.