Optimising train loading capacity ​- Gratkorn Mill

Yes, I care.

Because getting our products to our customers in the most efficient and effective way is a priority. Our methods are under constant review, to ensure that we maximize our service value and minimize our impact on the environment.

Our train’s loading capacity from Gratkorn to Wesel is a case in point. Not satisfied with the volume we were able to transport, we conducted a situation analysis to identify ways in which to increase capacity.

The result was positive; cargo capacity has increased by 6 tonnes per train. Concretely this means two less trains needed per annum or the equivalent of 110 full trucks by road. The situation analysis also highlighted ways in which we could improve our effectiveness through increased flexibility and ‘right on time’ orders. Whereas previously all train wagons had to be loaded well in advance of departure, we now have one wagon which can be filled up to 4 hours before departure.

The results from this analysis have been used as a case study by the Graz University of Applied Sciences to demonstrate how an environmentally friendly project can reduce costs.

I make Sappi eco-effective. How about you?

Philip Reicher, Mill Supply Chain Planner & Customs Expert, Gratkorn Mill.