Waste ​​Water Treatment - Alfeld Mill

Yes, we care.

Because being energy efficient is important. Opportunities to save energy exist all around us; you just have to find them. By changing the way we do things at the waste water treatment in Alfeld Mill, we have saved the equivalent electricity used by 288 private households on average per year* in Germany.

In Alfeld’s wastewater treatment plant, energy is required blow compressed air into the biological aerobic reactors. A flexible air compressor with a variable speed drive has been added to complement the two existing inflexible compressors. As a result, the varying demands for pressurised air can be met, whilst decreasing power consumption. In parallel, to this system we continue to ensure that only biologically treated and cleaned wastewater is discharged into the river Leine.

By challenging the status quo, Alfeld Mill has reduced annual energy consumption by 864.000 kWh. The mill has succeeded in meeting one of its environmental programme goals and reducing long term energy consumption.

We make Sappi eco-effective. How about you?

Peter Jäsche, Jan Helge Oer, Volkmar Bartels, Thomas Simmich, Water Treatment Plant Team, Alfeld Mill.