Standard 5: Tip 1 - 3-D Lenticular

1. Color choice and placement play a key role in getting the best 3-D lenticular results.

2. For 3-D lenticular, the lens must always run vertically to accommodate the way the right eye and left eye see an object from slightly different angles.

3. For flip and animation, the image works best if the lens is horizontal.

4. When designing for 3-D, create an image that has a foreground element, a key plane or center element, and a background element. This gives the illusion of depth and helps the human brain perceive dimensionality. Avoid stark contrasts such as black type on a white background.

5. Better results usually occur when the background is neutral and brighter colors are in the foreground.

6. Work closely with your printer throughout the design phase and always ask for a lenticular proof so you can review before it gets to press.