Scott Santoro

NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault

Grant Awarded: $12,400

The NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault has grown to represent a coalition of rape crisis centers and service providers throughout New York City.

Scott Santoro wanted to create designs with an edge needed to stand out in the clutter of the city. The Alliance didn't have the funds to print anything properly so Ideas that Matter was the perfect fulfillment of those needs.

“Alliance has a confrontational name,” he explains. “It includes the words ‘Against sexual Assault’ and our design needed to reflect that edge actively, but not go so far as to impede hospital and clinics from putting posters up or handing material out. There was a line we couldn't cross, but that didn't mean that expressive communications couldn't be made — just that we had to be empathetic and considerate.”

Posters for the alliance’s SAYSO event appeared in hospitals and clinics. With the event taking place in Union Square, local media gave the campaign invaluable coverage. A brochure was distributed through variety of outlets in an effort to provide awareness of the alliance, stimulate fundraising and encourage participation from the people of New York City. Signed posters are being sold to help raise funds for the next event.