Michael Pagliuco, Hans Lushina, Chad Meyer and Maya Bruck

Primo Center for Women & Children

Grant Awarded: $29,000

The mission of the Primo Center for Women and Children is to empower women and children to become productive, responsible and independent members of their communities.

Pagliuco Design oversaw the development of a (primarily) direct mail campaign that dramatically illustrated the impact The Primo Center for Women and Children has had on people’s lives.

The “One Family’s Story” campaign enabled donors to connect on a very intimate level with the families whose stories were told. Describing how their lives were improved through their affiliation with the centre created a profound resonance and was powerfully underscored by the beautiful photography of Eric Herzog.

The result was a poignant series of family portraits that brought a true sense of emotion and humanity to the often faceless image of homelessness, showcasing the way in which The Primo Center for Women and Children transforms the lives of homeless women and their children by sheltering them in a safe place that offers a healthy and positive environment, ultimately helping each family in becoming productive, independent citizens with dignity and self-worth.