Jessi McNamara

Even Chance Advocacy + Resources + Rescue

Grant Awarded: $15,000

Even Chance is dedicated to addressing the widespread misinformation about pit bulls by disseminating accurate facts as well as resources for the public, pit bull owners and potential adopters of pit bulls. Even Chance rescues temperamentally sound dogs from pet shelters, including dogs with medical needs and dogs rescued from organized fighting rings and other inhumane situations. It also provides foster care for these dogs until they can be placed in loving homes.

Jessi McNamara, a local graphic designer and marketing specialist, pulled together a creative team including (but not limited to): Jesse Dhein, a San Diego photographer, Kerry Layton, a San Diego designer and branding specialist, Sydney Donahoe, a writer and content editor, and the breed specialists, veterinary and training experts of Even Chance to work with Even Chance on creating a series of print and online materials that will benefit each aspect of the organization's mission.