Sharon Oiga

Community Health Partnership of Illinois

Grant Awarded: $35,000

Community Health Partnership of Illinois (CHP) is committed to improving the health and well-being of migrant and seasonal farmworkers.

Loterîa de la Clînica was the breakthrough concept to help get poorly educated migrant farm workers (who are reluctant to seek healthcare, even when they are gravely ill) to the clinic.

Sharon Oiga consulted with a team of 'promotores de salud' (migrant men and women from within the community). In the vibrant and energetic Mexican version of Bingo, the ' Loterîa de la Clînica', illustrations and refrains inform Latino migrant farm workers and their families about health, mental health and dental services available at Community Health Partnership of Illinois' five clinics.

With such a sensitive approach to educating a vulnerable community about a service it really needs, Sharon and the team at the Community Health Partnership of Illinois are well on their way to their target of bringing in 1,000 new patients within the next three years.