Michael Osborne and Jeff Ho

The Art of Yoga Project

Grant Awarded: $38,900

The Art of Yoga Project has a mission to guide young women to use yoga and creative expression as tools for well-being, accountability and empowerment. With a specific focus on 'at risk' girls (such as those in the juvenile justice system).

To further the projects mission they developed a Yoga and Creative Arts Curriculum that combines health education, yoga and the creative arts to give at-risk girls lifelong focus and discipline.

Inspired by the project's fun, modern and energetic curriculum, Joey's Corner set out to create a graphic system that is synonymous with these attributes. The logo targets young women, funders and the juvenile justice system. Throughout the work reflects the team's belief that the Art of Yoga Project is a very modern and interesting approach to helping at-risk girls.

In response to the campaign, the project was featured in local newspapers, Yoga Journal, and discussed at Yoga Workshops and Yoga Conferences. As a result, the project was able to double its classes at the san Mateo County Juvenile facility, expand its volunteer staff to over 20 certified yoga teachers and assistants, launch a new website and improve teacher training.