Sustainability Goals

Sappi Europe has been publicly reporting progress on sustainability initiatives since 2008 as part of the global Sustainability Report issued annually by Sappi Limited. 

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Since 2011, each regional divsiion has issued its own sustainability report with consolidated global sustainability performance.

Looking towards the fututre, Sappi Europe's 2020 Sustainability Targets will include a reduction of specific CO² by more than 5%, and a maintained 70% target for ecrtified fibre (of input into our products).

Prioritising Wellbeing, Safety and Health

  • A true health and safety policy evolves constantly. Sappi’s safety approach is based on five fundamental principles:
  • A zero-injury target
  • Integrated health and safety planning and management
  • Training at every organisational level, offer 30 hours per employee annually
  • Participative information and control structures
  • Adherence to international best practice and safety standards

Ensure 70% Total Certified Fiber Content

  • Since 2009, we have successfully reached our 2017 target of 70 certified fibre share. Our use of the chain of custody and strict certification requirements has contributed to this figure.
  • All of our wood suppliers, and all of our pulp suppliers are certified, in most cases in accordance with both FSC® and PEFC™ certification schemes.
  • Any non-certified material entering our products is subject to strict risk assessment processes, which meet the FSC® Controlled Wood requirements and those of thePEFC™ Due Diligence System

 Achieve an EBITDA margin of at least 10% by 2020

  • Success is not just about numbers, but financial success plays a key role in driving prosperity by providing opportunities for investment, growth and innovation.
  • Being financially successful requires Continuous Improvement to meet increasingly tougher targets year on year. At Sappi Europe, we are on track to achieve our previously stated 2017 target of a 10% return on net assets.  
  • Investing in our people with appropriate remuneration and reward structures, maintaining our asset base in good condition to enable us to reliably serve our customers with quality products, generate sufficient cash resources to allow us to invest in future growth opportunities and innovation are required  for Sappi’s long-term prosperity.


We know that the foundation of our industry is inherently sustainable, but we still need to reduce our emissions.
Berry Wiersum, CEO Sappi Europe