Sappi Symbio biocomposite solution utilised for upcycling birdfeeder

A collaborative effort between Sappi, MaBe and Kegelmann Technik GmbH from Rodgau-Jügesheim has culminated in the development of a biobased alternative for an injection moulding birdfeed-adapter.

By unlocking the power of renewable resources and using eco-effective ingenuity, the partnership reflects one example of how it is possible to create and cultivate relationships with partners who want to enact meaningful change for practical and innovative sustainable solutions.

This development used the expertise of all partners. MaBe a German based company focused on upcycling and sustainability, sells lanterns made from recycled soda bottles. With recent innovation and adapters, these lanterns could now be used for bird-feeding devices. Partnering with Kegelmann Technik GmbH from Rodgau-Jügesheim, experts in the field of material composite formulations, these adapters were produced efficiently from more sustainable material. Instead of regular plastic, a natural fibre composite material was proposed. Sappi Symbio provided that alternative being a highly resistant, biocomposite cellulose fibre derived from responsibly managed renewable forests.

This partnership has reflected the need for developing mutually beneficial, value adding products that could be recycled. This places a shared responsibility to move toward a sustainable future and recognise it is work that cannot be done alone.

MaBe CEO Ute Beucker reflects on sustainability, “10 years ago sustainability as a concept was more unknown. With an increased number of people having a better understanding of the term sustainability, I would like to see people incorporate and integrate sustainability more and more in their everyday life. Our upcycling is one way to get sustainability on the road.”

Dr. Reiner Nett, CEO Kegelmann Technik: “Kegelmann Technik produces and delivers parts and products for various customers in automotive, aviation, health and lifestyle industries. A large proportion of these parts are made from polymers industrialised through 3D-printing or injection molding technologies. As part of our corporate responsibility we consider Sappi Symbio as reasonable chance to reduce our ecologic footprint. For many customers, Kegelmann Technik plays a key role in the successful development and design of innovative products. Due to this we are very pleased that the results of our first project is very promising and we recommend using Sappi Symbio for future customer applications.”

By partnering with like-minded companies and thoughtfully sourcing materials, reducing material waste, mitigating emissions, carefully considering product end-of-life, and aiming to use the full potential of trees, Sappi actively promotes more sustainable systems.

Sappi consciously choose to innovate with biobased materials to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. We uphold our responsibility to be stewards of the earth and its precious resources, focusing on circularity and renewable resources.

About Sappi
A thriving global business based on extracting value from woodfibre with manufacturing facilities on three continents, in seven countries and customers in over 150 countries worldwide. Sappi uses their expertise and capabilities to positively impact stakeholders and industries around the world. They promote prosperity by unlocking the power of renewable resources to benefit people, communities and the planet. Sappi operates with advantages in diversification and local expertise. These actions are helping to accelerate the transition to the circular economy our planet needs. Sappi believes Biomaterials will play a key role in its future range of products, both as commercial products and for applications within Sappi.
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About Sappi Symbio
Symbio biocomposites are very versatile and can be used for very demanding high-tech automotive requirements, consumer goods and even tableware. Some of its distinguishing characteristics are that it presents with a soft and woody feel combined with the required aesthetic look. Symbio’s functionality can be applied through its stiffness and dimensional stability in applications. answers to market needs by rapidly integrating knowledge and prototyping with partners in ways that produce advanced thinking.

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