Sappi Southern Africa – Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme

Sappi Southern Africa has launched an ESD strategy whose objectives are entrenched in its Shared Value Principles and Sustainable Development Goals which are aimed at:

  • Building thriving local economies within the communities where we operate—through provision of capacity building programs for SMEs focusing on: (1) Access to markets (internal and external) (2) Business and technical skills development, (3) Facilitation of access to funding and (4) Access to infrastructure and other necessary support to ensure business sustainability and growth.
  • Proactively build a sustainable environment by coinciding with the environmental and strategic objectives in view of creating value for both the company and its stakeholders through active participation and involvement of local communities in our environmental management programs eg ReFibre, Khulisa, Alien Invasive Species Management, etc.
  • Retain license to operate for long-term business sustainability and coexistence with our communities through: (1) Collaboration with strategic partners, (2) Transforming our supply chain to include local community-based SMEs, (3) Aligning transformation objectives and programs to those in the Local Economic Development Plans (IDPs) and lastly to review, align and integrate existent programs in order to maximise business value and impact to our local communities.


ESD process


ESD structure

Application form
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