Sappi North America Launches Groundbreaking Retrospective Collection, The Reflected Works, at HOW Design Live

BOSTON -- (April 30, 2018) -- Sappi North America, a leading producer and global supplier of diversified paper and packaging products, today announced a new addition to The Reflected Works, an educational collection showcasing the creative marketing campaigns of S.D. Warren Company, which Sappi Limited acquired in 1994.

The collection originally consisted of three printed booklets and online archives, each showcasing a different area of marketing expertise, and was recently expanded to include additional work from notable designer W.A. Dwiggins. The collection demonstrates Sappi's creative leadership since 1854 as the S.D. Warren Company. Featuring various S.D. Warren advertisements, educational pieces and promotions from 1910 – 1969, the series provides a comprehensive look at how the industry has changed over the past century, as well as how it has stayed the same.

"A few years ago as a result of a move, I was going through the physical archives of past S.D. Warren advertising in our headquarters' basement. The amount of history we stumbled upon both surprised and excited me, and I knew we had to do something with it," said Patti Groh, Director of Marketing Communications, Sappi North America. "Sappi is proud to be a global leader in the paper industry, and will continue to place importance on not only creating products of the highest-quality, but also providing educational resources to our industry peers, printers, designers and corporate marketers. The paper industry is alive and well, and we think projects like The Reflected Works exemplify the important role it plays in our society."

The complete collection and archive can be found on Sappi Etc., the online home for Sappi's educational resources. The original three booklets provide insights into:

  • Advertising: S.D. Warren and Sappi's own advertisements have appeared in national newspapers and respected trade publications for over 100 years. As demonstrated in the booklet, the company understands that advertising is about creating memorable experiences through impactful materials, and has continued to enable its customers to create content that sells products.
  • Education: The first edition of the Warren Standard was printed and released in 1924. The Warren Standard series educated stakeholders and industry peers on various aspect of the paper making process, enabling them to make the right choices when it came to printing processes and more. Today, Sappi has restored the Standard, with the help of renowned graphic artist Kit Hinrichs, with a six-book series for printers and designers.
  • Promotion: The ultimate goal of any marketing initiative is positive promotion. The importance of merging image, press, printing technique and paper grade is highlighted in the third booklet using S.D. Warren materials dating back to 1910.

The new and fourth addition to The Reflected Works focuses on famed designer, W.A. Dwiggins. Dwiggins was said to have coined the term 'graphic designer' in 1922 and was among the most influential and innovative designers of the 20th century. He designed for S.D Warren for decades including several issues of the Warren Standard. Sappi worked closely on the Dwiggins booklet of The Reflected Works with author Bruce Kennett, who authored a biography and anthology of work on Dwiggins titled, "W. A. Dwiggins: A Life in Design."

"Marketing and advertising have changed drastically since 1910, but the importance of paper remains. In recent years, brands have struggled to find the right balance between the numerous media available to them. However, we've always believed in, and now science shows, print's unique ability to help consumers notice, understand and remember content," added Groh.

The Reflected Works was created by Sappi North America with help from 50,000feet and Classic Color.

Bruce Kennett will be presenting "W. A. Dwiggins: A Life in Design" during HOW Design Live in Boston on Thursday, May 3. To launch the collection and his book, Bruce will join Sappi's Print and Creative Manager, Daniel Dejan, for a Facebook Live Q-and-A on May 1 at 10:30 a.m. ET on Sappi's Facebook Page.

To browse the entire collection and archive digitally, please visit: For a printed copy, stop by Sappi's booth at HOW Design Live or contact your local Sappi salesperson.


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