Sappi and Caxton Power of Print Series

The collaboration features monthly inserts into the Caxton community newspapers in Gauteng.  Aimed at the general public the information demonstrates and promotes how print and paper continue to be an important part of our lives.

The monthly series will explore how paper is made, the sustainability story around forests, papermaking and printing, community involvement and an educational section full of activities, cut-outs and information to dispel myths. It will highlight what the day-to-day activities entail for people within Sappi’s and Caxton’s value chains, for example a forester, papermaker, scientist, printer, journalist etc.

Why follow this series? Many critics have predicted the end of print and paper. The digital era has changed the way we view print and engage with media. Educational tools have also changed but literacy remains fundamental to the learning process.

Image of all Caxton newspapers

Paper is important in effective learning due to its tactile nature. It is an anytime, anywhere tool that doesn’t require energy. Paper is made from woodfibre, a renewable resource from sustainably managed plantations unlike electronic applications that use fossil fuels.

This series will be an educational aid and remind people not to feel guilty about using paper.  It also creates brand awareness for Sappi with the general public who use this medium to stay informed. 

The printed POP series unpacks the myths, truths and everything interesting about printing and paper.
Paul Paper