Sappi 2018 Calendar January Feature

'Natures Crown'
by Alex Trapani




Inspired by the co-existence of humankind and the natural world, this portrait of humanity's celebration of life and growth portrays a sense of belonging with nature. In an ever-changing world, it is hard for nature to keep up. With plant and man merging in harmony, it is a hopeful future of inspired growth where humankind and the natural world align.

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Artist: Alex Trapani
Title: Natures Crown
Material used: Acrylic on canvas
Printed on: Sappi Algro Design® 240g/m2
Printing technique: Hi-Fi colours


More about the artist:

Alex completed his Honours in Fine Arts in 1996 at the University of Johannesburg, having exhibited at art exhibitions before he had fully completed his studies. In 1996 he completed his first solo exhibition and was awarded the Ampersand Foundation Fellowship in New York in 1999. Following three solo exhibitions both locally and internationally, he went on to do his Masters, completing it in February 2017. Passionate about creativity, painting is only part of Alex's collective outputs, including sculpture, drawing, performance art and product design.