Sappi 2018 Calendar - Inspired Growth


Inspired Growth - Calendar inspiration and theme


Sappi's corporate calendar is a printed showpiece that represents OneSappi on a global platform. 14 South African artists were commissioned to create unique masterpieces to reflect the theme of 'Inspired Growth'. These artworks have been photographed and enhanced with techniques in the printed wall calendar that incorporates graphic and speciality papers.

In a world driven by numbers, we seem to forget that innovation and growth do not just come from equations, they also require inspiration and creativity. Innovation in the sciences is always linked in some way, either directly or indirectly, to a human experience, and human experiences happen through engaging with the arts. There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would forever be repeating the same patterns. Fortunately, change is a constant factor in all our lives. With the world facing multiple challenges, it is now imperative that leaders and businesses encourage creativity at every level. Because creativity is the mother of innovation,and both are critical to secure sustainable growth for our planet. Sappi itself has been on a journey of change. Our strategy, our vision and our mission set a clear direction for Sappi to focus on areas of growth and to develop new business opportunities. Through this journey of inspired growth, we will increase our revenue and deliver more value to all our stakeholders. In keeping with this spirit of change, we have used a new approach for our 2018 calendar to help showcase inspired growth. We requested 14 South African artists to create exceptional and unique masterpieces to showcase their creative interpretation of our theme “inspired growth”. We believe that these pieces will help demonstrate how Sappi has built on its rich past through creativity and innovation to set a course for its future, just as these artists have tapped into a collective history to create their own individual styles and techniques and provide us with beautiful works of art. 

Watch the videos to discover more about the artworks, artists and their inspiration:

Video one |Where did the theme 'inspired growth' come from?
Video two | Cover
Video three |  January
Video four | February
Video five | March
Video six | April
Video seven | May
Video eight | June

Artist pages: 

Cover - Danelle Janse van Rensburg | January - Alex Trapani | February - Uwe Pfaff |  March - Danielle Clough | April - Mbongeni Buthelezi | May - Frans Cronje | June - Hanneke Benade | July - Lazi Mathebula | August- Anna-Carien Goosen | September - Ramarutha Makoba | October - Bianca Wiesner | November - Chris Valentine | December - Justin Dingwall |  2019 - Zwelethu Machepa


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