Sappi 2018 Calendar - February Feature

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Beneath our homes, below the lawns and under asphalt streets there is more than meets the eye. There is a complex blend of minerals and organic matter that varies widely in texture, colour and structure. Inspired by all that is below us and the growth of nature with science, together it feeds us, enriching our lives to become one.

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Artist: Uwe Pfaff
Title: Lifting the veil
Material used: Metal sculpture
Printed on: Sappi MagnoTM Satin 250g/m2 
Printing technique:  Cold foil lamination on the figure




More about the artist:

Uwe is German by birth and lives as an international citizen in South Africa. Known for his materially engaging and witty sculptures from the mid-1970's, he is also known for sculptures that take a highly stylised representation of the human form.