Sales Reward

Do you want to ascend to new heights with Galerie Brite Plus?

By feeding the sales funnel with prospective Galerie Brite Plus customers, Sales pairs can acquire points until 15 September 2017. 

The 3 Sales pairs with the most accumulated points will win a once in a lifetime experience during the Sales and Marketing conference which will take place in Barcelona from 26 to 28 September. 

How do I participate?

  • Capture the moment: To activate your offices' participation please attach the Galerie Brite Plus poster in your office and email a photo with the Sales team in front of it to Maxine Chowles.
  • Determine Sales pair per prospective customer: Sales Manager and selected partner to pair up (CSR, CSM, Marketing Coordinator, etc.). 
  • Collect points per prospective customer and maintain results in LIFE: Find out more in the FAQ and in the LIFE manual.

Result tracking

The result tracking will be done in LIFE CRM for which each office needs to create a campaign with the naming convention GBP Incentive <office name> 

Within this LIFE campaign, all office Sales pairs have to maintain their results; only the results that are maintained in LIFE will count towards the total accumulated points.

Every Friday a list will be published in which the progress of all offices can be tracked. Note that the final results will be published on Friday September 15th COB. Please make sure that all your results are maintained in LIFE before. 

For any questions related to LIFE, download the manual or contact Bob van Buggenum

Good luck!