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Welcome to Sappi CEE

Being close to our customers has always been a priority for Sappi.

Our Budapest sales office has been established in 2009, serving our partners in 13 Central & Eastern European countries. We are here to listen, understand and work with you to help improve your business in the best possible way by offering our products, our experience and our services.

Our CEE sales & customer service team consists of qualified and motivated professionals who know the market and are able to offer innovative and customized business solutions. As a leading producer of graphic fine papers we aim for high quality and innovation to ensure sustainable future for print and paper.

Let's meet to make paper work!
Central and Eastern Europe Sales Office
Montevideo utca 16/B fdsz
1037 Budapest
+36 (0)1 345 7110
+36 (0)1 345 7112

Sappi Cup 2017

During this year’s Sappi cup we’ve hosted 21 teams coming from 6 CEE countries who played 59 games in total.
We’d like to congratulate the winning teams (1. Elanders, Hungary / 2. Rotografika, Serbia) and wish them good luck in Brussels!


According to a Hungarian saying “little streams make a big river”, with collecting plastic caps in our office we support disabled children. Read more.

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