Sappi provides inspiration and experience through paper donation

Brussels, May 30th 2016 

As part of an initiative to raise funds for a school integration project in Aachen, Germany, Sappi Europe has donated the paper necessary to produce a colourful cookery book entitled ‘Meat & Greet.’  The“Juniorenkreis der IHK” and a group of refugees from the Internationale Förderklasse an der Gemeinschaftshauptschule Aretzstraße worked together to compile recipes from the refugees’ home countries which reflect their culture and food traditions. With further support from an advertising agency and a printer who are providing their services for free, the students cooked their dishes and had them photographed for the book.


Jens Kriete, Environmental Manager, is very happy with the result. As well as helping to raising funds through the sale of the book, the students who have been involved in the project have gained invaluable experience learning a variety of skills necessary to produce a cookery book, from compiling recipes and setting up photo shots, to choosing the right paper and working with printers. It’s a great opportunity for us to be able to inspire our future generations in whatever way we can.”


The paper provided by Sappi Europe is Magno gloss 300g. It has a white and glossy surface which is ideal for cookery books with a combination of photographs and text. The quality of the paper is excellent for book production with a perfect creasing line and no cracks.


‘Meat & Greet’ was launched on 21st May 2016 during the "Ball der Wirtschaft" held in the former Waschkaue der Zeche "Carolus Magnus" in Übach-Palenberg. All the revenue from the sales of the cookbook will go to "Youth power without violence e.V." which is the association that supports the school’s integration work.


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