Speciality Paper Solutions at FachPack 2013

Brussels, 24 September 2013

Sappi to Showcase Speciality Paper Solutions at FachPack 2013

Elegant, intelligent packaging solutions a hallmark of the company’s first FachPack appearance

In its first appearance at FachPack, Sappi Fine Paper Europe is demonstrating how Sappi’s speciality papers allow brand owners and converters to differentiate their products on the shelf, especially in the face of increased competition that results in a need for more innovative substrates and finishing. Having it's debut at FachPack are the New Mineral Oil Barrier substrates: MOB Kraft and MOB Gravure.  These innovative flexpack grades solve the contaminant migration problem whilst allowing the environmentally sustainable use of recycled content in packaging materials.  Sappi is located on Stand 604 in Hall 7 at the show, which is taking place in Nuremberg, Germany, 24-26 September, 2013.

“Regardless of how demanding brand owner requirements might be,” said Kerstin Dietze, Marketing Manager Speciality Papers of Sappi Fine Paper Europe, “our substrates are ideal for meeting those needs.  We are specialists in addressing challenging packaging and conversion requirements. This includes providing materials that print well and can withstand complex finishing processes while at the same time offer the ultimate in product protection and regulatory compliance, especially for food or other sensitive products. We are excited to be joining the FachPack community for this important event.”

As an additional treat, Sappi is presenting not only the substrates, but also elegant and intelligent packaging samples and solutions as well as unique fashion made from speciality papers and board — a  real feast for the senses.

High fashion meets packaging

Bringing new meaning to the term “trade dress,” Sappi has created a magnificent paper gown consisting of packages in various forms. The gown, which weighs 15 kg, is fitted on a display mannequin and shown in Sappi’s stand.

New!  Mineral Oil Barrier Substrate

Brand owners are increasingly seeking new sustainable packaging materials that address concerns about migration of mineral oil and other contaminants into food from cardboard packaging containing recycled paper. MOB Kraft and MOB Gravure, developed in partnership with coating specialist BASF and testing Lab Eurofins, are paper grades with a Mineral Oil Barrier protecting the contents frommineral oil compounds that are a complex mixture of saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH)  and unsaturated hydrocarbons (MOAH), which are suspect to be carcinogenic. The development process took more than a year and included several pilot coater and mill trials to ensure the best possible results.


High quality & innovative packaging applications at FachPack 2013


At FachPack, Sappi is demonstrating its speciality papers and carton board that are ideal for all packaging requirements from outer wrapping to cartons and for all printing, finishing and conversion techniques. Brand owners who want packaging for their premium products to have a  high impact, naturally turn to Sappi speciality papers as the ideal carrier material. These factors also have a positive effect on consumer perception, providing both customer acceptance and ease of recognition, as well as brand value.

Featured at the show are Sappi’s award-winning bright white cartonboard Algro Design®; the equally brilliant white topliner Fusion® for carton and corrugated cardboard applications; Algro® Nature, a compostable flexible packaging substrate that is based on renewable raw materials; Algro® Finess and Algro® Primess, well known brands used for applications in flexible packaging; and silicone-base papers for labels and self-adhesives.  “Print and finishing results and the ability to properly protect packaged goods through the entire supply chain depend greatly on the choice of carton or paper,” added Dietze. “At the Sappi Fachpack stand, packaging converters, brand owners, designers and print finishers will clearly see how the flexibility of Sappi speciality papers contributes to the visible, tactile and protective qualities of the finished package. It is the details that make the difference in fine packaging, and that is what Sappi is all about.”

Insight into the latest paper innovations

In line with the market demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable product innovations, Sappi is proud to be showing Algro Nature at FachPack. Algro Nature is the first and only packaging paper that can be composted at home. It can also be laminated onto flexible packaging films from NatureFlex (produced by Innovia Films, who will be exhibiting at FachPack in an adjacent stand next to Sappi) yet still deliver home-compostable and/or recyclable flexible packaging. By joining together, Sappi and Innovia Films bring to the packaging industry an end-of-life alternative for packaging that can convert waste into energy (anaerobic digestion and biomethanization) or, at a minimum, can be composted by the consumer to reduce the burden on landfills and to comply with upcoming EU Packaging Directive scheduled to go into effect in 2014.

More information on Sappi Speciality Papers can be found on:http://www.sappi.com/regions/eu/Products/Specialities/FlexiblePackagingPapers/Pages/default.aspx